Nov. 4&5 Opening  Ceremonies & First round

Sorry, fell asleep writing this last night, I will update later. For now, here is the flight order for today.

Yesterday we had plane processing and official practice, processing went good, all planes well within the weight limits and lengths, accept Xavier’s, he just made length. The off to official practice, we had an hour to use as we saw fit. Xavier chose to fly twice and Michi pounded in five rounds. The guys decided to head back to the practice field and made it back just in time for the opening  ceremonies. We marshaled in front of the terminal and marched around to the back to stand in front of our respective flag. After all the pomp and circumstance, we were treated to a one man air show. He was wringing out an RV7, did a good job, doing a knife edge down the runway a few feet off the ground. I did not get a photo of that, there were too many people in the way. We then had meet and greet and I went to the managers meeting. I am not trying to offended anyone but when you are told that if you pull the red ball, you will have to get your plane weighed and you ask what colour the other balls are, I think you have had a little to much sun. Got back to the hotel and had a meeting with the team to discuss the info from the meeting. Everyone was ready for today.

The Boy Scout led us in, there were boys and girls.

This morning the guys wanted to get in a little more practice, so they were up early and headed to the practice field. I stayed behind to go to the airport and make sure nothing had changed over night, as has been the case but all was good. Michi arrived with plenty of time to assemble both planes. When our time came we were ready, John Bentley, caller extraordinaire, placed Michi’s plane on the flight line and the flight began. Michi had a very good flight, he was very happy as were we. The weather could not have been better, light in flow, cross box but sunny with large puffy clouds, perfect. It was starting to get a little miserable near the end of the day, with a little rain on the way home. Next was Xavier’s turn, he also flew well and was very happy with his flight, he said after, “well that’s done now I can go home”. Not a chance.  As per usual, there is one judging panel that is tough and one a little softer, we had the soft one today, we are looking forward to tomorrow.

I told these guys that they had the second best shirts at the WC


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