Nov. 6 Rain

I did write a blog last night but with everyone trying to get on the net to check scores, somehow when I went to publish, it all disappeared. 

We had a huge thunder storm Sun. night and the rains continued till just after noon. The event was delayed till 11:30, flying then got underway in light rain. Michi was 5th to fly, it was still raining lightly. He did not score as well as we had hoped, no major mistakes but this is the tougher panel of judges. His score was 741, his plane disappeared in the clouds a couple of times.

Xavier’s flight was in the afternoon, the weather was getting nice by then. He rolled the wrong was on the knife edge humpty and did a nice one and a quarter roll. That does not help your scores. 

The power was out at the airport, so they were unable to provide the score sheets after each flight. We never saw any scores till 9:30 last night. Hope that doesn’t happen today. 

Good weather this morning but rain forecast for this afternoon, Xavier flys at 10:30 and Michi at 3:28.


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