Nov. 8 clouds

Xavier zeroed his spin, he has had trouble with it all week. He flew this morning, the weather was not great but flyable. The contest was put on hold just before lunch. One of the Turkish team members lost sight of his plane in the low clouds and it crashed, very sad. The cloud ceiling did not improve, so at 3:30 the contest was called for today. They will fly the remaining pilots in the morning. The forecast is for better weather tomorrow. Michi fly’s his last P round at 9:48, if he can manage to get a raw score over 425 or so he should make the finals. ​I thought I would have a big update today, but as they have not finished flying, it is not to be. I will have more info tomorrow.

​It is 9:41 and it is bucketing down, the dirt/sand roads are interesting when wet. They pot hole like nothing you have seen. We travel the streets in first and second gear, this poor rental car has to last till Tues. when we take it back. 


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