Nov. 10 Semi’s

Michi flew his final rounds today, he was not prepared for the high winds. In his words (my F rounds suck). Finals, unknowns, closing ceremonies and banquet tomorrow. I will post the semi final list below. The starting order for the finals will be drawn tonight. It has been very interesting, the Argentine people don’t have the same time table as us. For them, it will get done but unlikely it will be soon. We asked if we needed tickets for the banquet, they said you have paid so all is good. What time does it start, we don’t know yet. A very different culture. You could not ask for nicer people though, even the police are nice. Pat was lost and parked it the wrong place, they told her to pull over then gave her directions. There is only one or two entrances into the towns off the highway and there is a police check point at each one. We had to show our papers once so far, we gave them a couple of Canadian flag pins, they were all smiles. The contest will all come to close tomorrow, I will most likely do a wrap up Sun.


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