Nov.12, The End

I must say this has been another great experience, all the effort that everyone on the team put in, paid off. I want to thank all the financial donators, every dollar helps, as these trips are very expensive. I especially want to thank John and Danielle Bentley for all their help. John called every round and was there to critique manoeuvres, which the guys were extremely happy about. 

When all was said and done, 

1st, Tatsuo Onda, Japan

2nd, Christophe Paisant-Le Roux, France

3rd, Jason Shulman, USA


1st, USA, 2nd Japan, 3rd France.

Al in all, some very good flying in some very trying conditions. The wind was a straight blow in, gusting over 40 klm.

The closing ceremonies were held at the airport till after seven. I will add pictures below. I then had to drive back to the hotel thirty min. to get Pat then to the Cumelo Hotel in Carilo for the banquet, about forty min. apart and get back for eight, didn’t happen, although we wern’t really late. This was the strangest banquet ever, no speeches of any kind. Got to watch some Tango dancing and that was it. The Russian team was sitting with us at the table, we had a great time with them. I was given a bottle of Russian Vodka, not sure what I did to deserve that honour but I did humbly accept it.

This part of our adventure is now complete. We are staying for a couple of more weeks to do some tours of the country. 

If anyone wants to follow my tours blog, you can email me or any of my friends for the web address, I do not want it on Facebook  thanks.


As you know, the winds were crazy, they kept blowing over the porta potties, here is some Argentine engineering.


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