Nov. 3 official practice

Late last night we finally got the times for model processing and official practice. We got there early and checked out the site, as well as the other competetors. The processing went well and we made our way to the flight line. Each team has an hour to fly, whether you have one member or four. Michi made the best of it and had five flights, he then decided to call it for the day, he has a bad cold. Xavier decided to only fly twice and head out to practice on the original practice field. The wind died down some for him and he got in a few more flights. Pat and I decide to go find the hotel that the managers meeting will be in, glad we did took a while to find it. We came back to the hotel and I went for a swim in the pool, waited for 8:00 then went for dinner. Here are a few pictures from today. 

I hope to have more info and opening ceremonies pictures for tomorrow.

By the way, the internet here is very good, but it sucks from the WC site.

Our flag is down near the end
Xavier, BJ Park, John Bentley
Team Canada
Armadillo checking out the flight line.
Was not occupied at the time of blow over.


Nov. 2 Weather

As is normal weather is always changing, today for the worst, as predicted it started raining just after two. Xavier went to the field early and beat the rush, followed by Michi. They both managed five on six flights in very strong winds before the rain started. Tomorrow is model processing and official practice, we still have no time table for this. We are awaiting the final bulletin  for this info. There was a general strike yesterday and the airport in BA was closed, causing some concern with late arriving teams. The Japanese team was delayed until today, happily they made it. Here are a few pictures from today.

Christophe in the wind
Michi in the wind
Our host club.
South Africa
Another beauty.
Quite a small access hole for installing batteries?😉

Nov. 1 More practice. 

Here are a couple of interesting things about Mar de las Pampas, all of the roads in town are sandy dirt. Looks like only the main road is paved in Villa Gessel and it is a very large town. The main highway past all these towns is paved. These are in front of our hotel. The Atlantic Ocean is only five hundred feet from here, Our first look.We went to the same practice site today, mostly the same pilots but a few new ones. Michi had a guest judge today, picture below. The photo of the new Angels Shadow does not do it justice, it is gorgeous.None of the restaurants open for dinner till after 8:00pm, so we will go find something to eat then.

Oct. 31 first practice 

We woke up to another beautiful day, breakfast then off to the practice site. We decided to try the site near General Madariaga, There were a few pilots already there, our planes were assembled and we joined the que. some of our field mates were Lassi Nurila, Marcelo Velez, Christophe Paisant Le Roux, Loic Burbaud and a couple of others that I didn’t get there  names. The guys got in a least 5 flights each, some in light wind, some a little more, then it changed direction, so they got practice the opposite direction. 

John and I left a little early to head to the WC site and see what info they had for us. We got some nice bags and our shirts and ID. We will get the last info Thurs evening on the web site. Processing will start Fri. 

As a side note, Harry Ells our Canadian judge is on reserve list, in the WC magazine, they have him coming from Norway. Lol.

 Christophe’s air brake.Marcelo’s AccentThe flight line.As you can see, not all that busy, there are three more flight lines at this site. 

Time for some sleep, see you tomorrow.

Oct. 30 9:40

More good news, we are safely at the Sylvestris Apart & Spa,  with all the planes and luggage.

The trip out of BA was an adventure, the gps sent us through some back roads that took forever to navigate. I eventually decided I had had enough and took a ramp onto the freeway and away we went. About 5 and a half hours to travel 350k. Every thing we had read about the bad driving habits, compared to home, of the locals turned out to be true, just pay attention. Our pour little Renault rental had to work hard, at 110k it was turning over 3500rpm and the side winds were pushing it all over the place. I decided that I was not going to try the 130k speed limit that we had in a couple of places. The good news is it looks like it is getting great mileage, I will get back to that when I fill up.

Once we got to Mar de las Pampas we went look up the address of our hotel on the phone, no service. Of coarse the place got the SIM cards told us they would work everywhere. Luckily we found a map of the area on the side of the road, I just happened to remember the two streets that the place was on and soon found out accommodation. Met up with Michi and we went out for dinner, Xavier was a ways behind as he had to wait to get his planes. As for dinner it was great, never leave home without google translate. 

Word on the WC site and pilots tomorrow.

Oct. 30 Airport

We are heading back to the airport this morning to get the news on Xavier’s planes, lets hope it is good news. 

There was a huge thunder and lightning storm last night, very entertaining. Sunny and warm this morning with a light breeze, hope this continues. The hotel we stayed at last night has a restaurant, which was great, as we were to tired to go anywhere else. Mark Atwood was staying here as well, getting a head start on his US team. He is now at the airport waiting for them to arrive. We had a good a good catch up, blab session over dinner.