Oct. 29 

Ok, what is wrong with this picture.

As some have guessed, Xavier”s planes have not made it here. We are hoping for tomorrow. I will keep you advised. That is one long flight, I am sure it will all be worth it in the end. So far the weather is great, I will send more info once we get to Villa Gessel.. next report from there.


Oct. 28 Toronto

We made it to Toronto, great flight, smooth and on time. Sitting with Pat, Michi and Xavier, trying to decide what to eat, best go look. Will post after arriving in Argentina.


Hi Everyone. 

I am going to attempt to blog my adventures at the 2017 F3A WC in Argentina. As with most blogs, the amount and how often, will depend on my work load and internet access. The team is doing last minute preparations and packing, I think we are in good shape for our impending trip. Less than a week today we head out, first to Toronto, then to Buenos Aires. Gather the planes, luggage and rental cars, then drive 350km to Villa Gessel. Not much more to say right now, as I would like to save comments till I am there. 

So welcome, hope you enjoy.